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Accuracy & Speed

We have a recognition accuracy of above 90% which recognizes and extracts accurate information with an inference speed of up to 150ms.

Images & Videos

Works on streaming live camera feed or video take snapshots and recognize number plates.

Detailed Analysis & Reports

Recognition results give number plates OCR as well as detailed information of vehicle(s).


We provide both on-premise and cloud deployment at your convenience.


Our product supports worldwide different types of number plates and is optimized according to your needs.

How it works

  • Input through live camera feed is divided into multiple frames and gets analyzed for recognition.
  • Dental clinics can configure goals and widgets based on their requirements. System also shows anonymous cross user comparison to indicate login dental practice position respective to other clinics in the region.
  • After the process completion, the result containing information about number plates and other details such as vehicle type is generated and stored for future analysis purposes.
  • The result can be seen through a web panel by the administrator where different reports are generated based on conditions.

Technology Stack

Use - Cases

Roads Monitoring

The roads can be monitored with the help of a number plate recognition system for traffic rules analysis if anyone is not following or for theft vehicle tracking.

Toll Management

Toll payment can be done and managed automatically by recognizing and verifying the number plate of the vehicle(s).

Parking Management

The parking of the residential, as well as commercial buildings, can be managed for permanent vehicles as well as guest vehicles with the help of a number plate recognition system.

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